Market Update

Market Update

What’s happening in the national and local real estate markets?

I hear this often…in fact, almost daily.  The answer, simply put, is it’s complicated.  

In order to understand what’s happening in the Bozeman real estate market, and nationally, I do a lot of reading. Things like housing supply, housing starts, interest rates, employment trends, and even the mid-term elections can affect the real estate market in the short term.  And while there seemed to be a brief slow down in the Bozeman housing market, it now seems things have picked back up since the elections. I know this to be true:  

Even if prices have come down a bit, rising interest rates will eat at those savings in real estate in Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley.

No one has a crystal ball, so the best we can do is educate ourselves on the national, and Bozeman, real estate ongoings.  I have attached some articles you might find interesting if you are thinking of making a move. If you would like specific stats on your neighborhood or sub-category in Bozeman real estate, shoot me an email and we will send stats and info your way.



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Ami Sayer moved to Bozeman, Montana in 1995, where she quickly integrated herself into the local real estate market. Having worked for McDonald Development Company in Atlanta, Ami knew that real estate was her calling. Already equipped with a degree and graduate work in Economics, she rapidly made a name for herself more

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