Searching for the right property…

Searching for the right property…

If a new home is on your wish list, then you most likely have a vision of what would be your dream home.

In the Bozeman market, unless you are designing and building that home, it is almost impossible to find a perfect match. 

Inventory is low and a good listing often sees multiple offers. So, you may be wondering how to begin.  You can, of course, start your search online. However, it is often confusing and time consuming and may be more frustrating than fruitful.  Different sites offer differing information, often outdated or inaccurate. Ultimately, it’s most effective to go right to the source:  A good real estate agent with Bozeman MLS access.  

Whether you’re moving up or downsizing, or even have a family member who wants to buy their first home, there are free resources that I have available to send to you. These resources contain simple tools to help customize your personal home search criteria in a few short minutes. Next, I can set up my customized home search system that will deliver the appropriate matches, directly from the Big Sky Country MLS, to you as they hit the market.

These tools will make it easy for you to view what matches are available in Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley, and educate yourself on market prices and neighborhoods. Even if your move plans are not definite, or are in the distant future, doing the pre-work can ensure you will make smart decisions down the line…and be happy with your new home.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, I can offer the highest level of service, professionalism, and expertise.

Don’t hesitate to contact me and allow me to help guide you through that process. 

My mission: Real Estate…Simplified.

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Ami Sayer moved to Bozeman, Montana in 1995, where she quickly integrated herself into the local real estate market. Having worked for McDonald Development Company in Atlanta, Ami knew that real estate was her calling. Already equipped with a degree and graduate work in Economics, she rapidly made a name for herself more

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